We offer high quality shaped cut parts and thanks to the large volume of processed sheets and maximum efficiency in the use of these sheets we can offer very attractive prices. We produce parts from standard construction steels, but also from special materials as steels with higher yield strength, wear resistant steel, high-strength fine-grain steel and other.

Our burning centres offer the most modern burning technologies, including bevel burning with 3D head.

We are ready to provide further processing of the cut parts including drilling, milling, planing, welding of simple subassemblies, surface finishing and other activities. Most of the orders are dispatched within 2 weeks after the receipt of technical specifications of the respective order.

Cooperation product group offer comprises spare capacity of all company plants which are located in Central Moravia and eastern Slovakia. Offered services include machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, 3D measurement or vibration.

Machinery includes centre lathes, turn tables, horizontal boring and milling machines, drilling machines, edgers, blasting machines, annealing furnaces or electric furnaces.

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Michal Kemler
Project Development Director
Steel Structures

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