For more than 70 years, we have specialized in heavy engineering and metallurgy. We continue the best traditions of the Czechoslovak engineering industry. We have unique production facilities, modern technologies and highly qualified, experienced and flexible labour force at our disposal. Thank to this, we are able to supply high-quality products even to the most demanding customers from various industries. The lightest products of ours weigh 50 grams; the biggest and heaviest ones as much as 120 tonnes.

To customers around the world, we manufacture and deliver castings and forgings, welded parts and heavy steel structures according to delivered as well as our own documentation. Final products, such as excavators, cranes, conveyers and other heavy engineering equipment are assembled and serviced by our assembly workers directly at the place of their operation.

We are proud that the UNEX logo is located on dozens of giant wheel excavators which are still among the biggest self-propelled machines on this planet, most of which – with our assistance and regular service – reliably work and help to extract most of the overburden and brown coal in the Czech Republic.