Our vision

We want to be a strong company which build on the foundations of long-term tradition and know-how of our employees and a company which supports teamwork and emphasizes improvement of established processes.

Company policy

The management of UNEX company is aware and supports the need of th continuously increasing customer´s requirements for ensuring deliveries in the required quality, agreed deadlines, quantity, competitive prices, while at the same time reducing negative impacts on the environment and the health of employees.

With the aim of satisfying these requirements, the management of UNEX announced Company policy, which is built on thorough review of risks in order to reduce the impact in defined areas thanks to the following principles:


  • Build long-term, mutually advantageous partner relationships with customers.
  • Contribute to our customers` success by supplying the ordered quantity in the requested quality and time under mutually beneficiant conditions.
  • Improve the quality of our products and work productivity by implementing new technology.


  • Create long-term, mutually advantageous partner relationships with suppliers.
  • Improve the quality and stability of supply by development and active cooperation with suppliers.
  • Support the purchase of energy efficient products and services.


  • Provide our employees with guaranteed long-term employment, emphasizing their continuous education and teamwork.
  • Promote and apply corporate values, namely cooperation, respect, reliability and responsibility.
  • Use positive motivation to support observing set rules.
  • Eliminate OHS danger and risks.
  • Create safe, economical and health protecting working environment in cooperation with employees and their representatives.

Public, External environment

  • Reduce the volume of waste produced and minimize impact on the environment thanks to its consistent sorting and prevent environmental damage by effective prevention.
  • Support awareness and positive image of the company by effective communication and presentation.

The Company Management undertakes to:
observe legal and other related requirements of the integrated system;
provide information and sources necessary to fulfil their obligations.