Our foundry and forging production is supported by two foundries and one forging shop located in our manufacturing plants in Uničov and Olomouc.

We produce products from 50 grams to 18 tons and according to customers´ request we supply them raw, rough or finally machined and surface treated.

We offer to our customers:

Our total annual production capacity is approximately 39,000 tons of castings and about 9,000 tons of forgings.

For more information, contact our sales department:

Lukáš Doubrava
Director of Product Group
Castings Uničov

Pavel Rak
Business Development Manager
Castings and Forgings Olomouc

odlitky__at__unex.cz , metalurgie__at__unex.cz
+420 585 073 115, +420 585 712 225

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