In addition to products UNEX also offers services - mainly in the fields of the assembly, repair and renovation of large-scale machines and handling equipment.

Assembly work has formed an inseparable part of the UNEX offer for more than 65 years. At the beginning, this separate department concentrated chiefly on UNEX own orders. But now it uses the experience, workmanship and machine equipment it has gained for cooperation on other partner orders as well.

UNEX repairs and renovates machines manufactured by UNEX itself and by other manufacturers too. The type of repairs ranges from small ones to general repairs and renovation of large technological complexes. Experienced teams of welders, mechanics, electricians and other specialists perform complete assembly work of steel structures and machine equipment, mechanical and hydraulic systems, wiring, painting etc.

At our disposal we have mobile cranes with lifting capacities of 28 – 140 tons and lifting heights of up to 80 m. We also have at hand a remote controlled hydraulic lifting machine with a lifting capacity of 2 000 tons.

We perform:


  • large-scale machines for open-pit mining
  • stacking and loading machines
  • conveyor belts and transport station for transporting mined materials
  • bridge cranes and crane tracks

Repairs, renovation, modernization

  • large-scale machines for open-pit mining
  • stacking and loading machines
  • bridge cranes and crane tracks

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