Bucket wheel excavators

The Joint Stock Company UNEX has been manufacturing bucket wheel excavators for more than 60 years. So you can consider UNEX to be an experienced specialist in manufacturing of large-scale machinery for use in open pit-mines. The UNEX team of well-trained specialists is able and ready to react to all its customers’ individual requirements. More than 130 custom-built excavators and reclaimers can be found in e.g. Czech Republic, Russia and the Ukraine, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia.

Bucket wheel excavators are divided to compact and classical regarding the possibility of repeated assembly and disassembly:

  • Classical bucket wheel excavators are excavators where it is not possible to assemble and disassemble them. The excavator moves on either a caterpillar or walking undercarriage. Their capacity ranges from 1,200 to 5,800 m3/h and the specific cutting force from 90 to 168 kN/m. According to the adjustable distance between the wheel and the axis of the machine, classical bucket wheel excavators are divided into two groups: excavators with a telescopic bucket wheel boom (KU 300 and KU 800) and without a telescopic bucket wheel boom (K 2000).
  • Compakt bucket wheel excavators can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled. Their capacity ranges from 200 to 2,800 m3/h and the specific cutting force from 25 to 150 kN/m.

Thanks to our large team of well-trained professionals, UNEX is able to offer qualified consulting services and help its customers in all of the planning and realisation stages of their business plans – project development, general repairs, technical help, liquidation of machinery etc.

We cooperate with leading Czech firms and perform all types of engineering activities connected with the projection and supply machinery for use in both old and new pit-mines.

Excavators characteristics

bucket wheel
bucket wheel excavators
Type K 650 KU 300 KU 800 K 2000
m3/h 1 850 1 800 5 800 5 500
Specific cutting
kN/m 95 180 145 168
Action radius
m 15 19,6 32 35
Weight t 550 1 240 4 500 5 700
Digging wheel
m 8,8 7,6 13 13,2
Travelling speed m/min 9,5 6 3 2,5 - 10

Product samples

K 650
K 650
KU 300
KU 300
KU 800
KU 800
K 2000
K 2000

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