We check the quality of our production throughout the entire production cycle. We perform destructive and non-destructive testing.

Our certified laboratories and test-rooms are fully equipped to help us monitor, test, analyze and evaluate the quality of all produced materials and final products.

Non-destructive Testing of Materials

During non-destructive testing of materials (NDT), all tests are carried out in a manner which does not allow even the smallest breach or damage the tested piece.

For tests of surface homogeneity, imperfections are searched for using a magnetic or penetration method.

For tests of internal homogeneity, internal imperfections are searched for using ultrasonic or radiographic method.

NDT tests

  • Ultrasonic testing of sheets, cut parts, welds, castings and special components,
  • X-ray testing up to a material thickness of 65 mm,
  • magnetic control,
  • penetration method,
  • measuring of wall thickness with an ultrasonic detector.

Non-destructive testing of materials is performed by trained personnel, whose qualifications are regularly verified by an independent certification organization in accordance with EN ISO 9712 at Level II.

3D Measurement

3The 3D method is particularly suitable for measurements which cannot be performed with classic gauges or where the use of classic gauges increases measurement error. We offer measuring with:

3D coordinate measuring machine Contura G2

  • max. workpiece height 1,000 mm, max. workpiece length 1,600 mm, workpiece width 600 mm,
  • max. workpiece weight 1,000 kg (exceptionally even more, depending on the shape and handling possibilities),
  • achieved accuracy of measuring up to 0.001 mm (depends on the shape of the workpiece and the used measuring method).

3D coordinate measuring system Leica

Measuring length Accuracy of measurement
up to 2 m ± 0.060 mm
up to 4.5 m ± 0.060 mm
up to 9 m ± 0.063 mm