16 7.2018

UNEX Employees to Head to Southern Slovakia for the Holidays

The spa city, Veľký Meder, is slightly smaller than Uničov. People have been flocking to the thermal springs and baths here for almost 1,000 years. This is one of the reasons it has become one of the most prominent tourist centres in southern Slovakia.

For several years already, UNEX employees have had the opportunity to visit the local thermal park for recreational or therapeutic stays over holidays as well as throughout the year. The water has a positive effect on joint disorders, diseases of the spine and muscles, and has an overall positive effect on the regeneration of the entire body. The nearby 100-hectare oak forest park is an inviting place for a walk, run, or other activities, and is a unique vestige of the expansive forest that unfolded across the entire Danube lowlands centuries ago.

In collaboration with trade unions, UNEX created year-round, highly affordable conditions for accommodations in this locale for its 630 employees and their family members. Their stay centres at the Solar Park lodging house that is situated in the direct vicinity of the thermal park and sport activities, yet also offers the opportunity to relax in peaceful surroundings. Guests can spend long weekends (Wed–Sun) at the lodging house for CZK 200 per person, while week-long stays (Sat–Sat) cost CZK 400 per person. The remaining balance of the full fee – 90 % of accommodation costs − is covered by UNEX.

A free direct bus connection from the gates of our facilities, i.e. from Uničov, Olomouc, or Snina and back is a welcome bonus.

UNEX wishes all of its employees, colleagues, and business partners a beautiful and peaceful summer.