The traditional Open House at UNEX's Uničov plant has once again attracted a large number of visitors young and old this year, giving them the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facilities of the Uničov plant, enjoy themselves at the accompanying programme, and sample a wide range of delicious food and drink for highly affordable prices.

Viky the clown took care of the littlest visitors, exercising, dancing, and singing with them, and he was even able to change costumes several times during his performance and release hundreds of soapy bubbles.

Biketrial duo, RideWheel, featuring Honza Šmíd and Lukáš Müller, offered an action-packed performance. With their saddleless bikes, they performed a range of tricks in which they also included some enthusiastic onlookers. The climax of the performance was balancing on a bike on the company's logo in front of hall 2, at approx. 3 metres, where it was clear that it was no cakewalk, even for an experienced rider. The duo also introduced biketrial enthusiasts to the secrets of this discipline during their mid-morning workshops.

Olga Lounová took care of the musical portion of the programme, showcasing excellent improvisation skills when she let a mother of a young birthday boy play guitar while everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to him. We should probably add that this was the first time ever this mother had “played” a guitar. Olga Lounová also deserves huge praise for the time she dedicated after her performance to her fans—she made sure to get to every simple one of them, took photos with them, flashing her dazzling smile everywhere she went.

Our young visitors had the opportunity to expend their energy on the jumping castles and display their dexterity and skill in children’s workshops and contests, which included a treasure hunt. Older guests, on the other hand, could match their strength against the mechanical bull and try their hand at riding buggies. Birds of prey were presented in their usual spot by hall 3, and Uničov volunteer firefighters with their gear took up residence at the opposite end of the park. A collaborative presentation by secondary and vocational schools showed that studying a technical field definitely doesn’t have to be boring.

Thank you for visiting, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at Open House 2020, at the 70th anniversary of the foundation of production at UNEX.