• sheets are bent on press-brakes NC HSDY 40-400 HACO (pressing force 400 tons) and PULLMAX EKP H640 (pressing force 640 tons)
  • Thickness of 5 mm up to 30 mm and width of 4,000 mm

Roll bending

  • performed on rolls with diameter up to 5,000 mm, max. width of a roll-bend sheet is 2,500 mm and maximum thickness is 70 mm

Sheet rolling

  • the process is carried out on rollers SIEMAG up to the length of 12,000 mm
  • with the width 3,400 mm with the thicness of 20 mm
  • with the width 2,500 mm with the thicness of 32 mm
  • small strips up to the thickness of 60 mm