We weld steel structures up to a weight of 120 tons.

We weld steel materials up to the yield point S690MPa, and we can weld high austenitic steel and non-ferrous metals including aluminium.

Welding work is managed and performed in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 3834-2 standard. In the field of welding we are certified according to the ČSN, EN and DIN standards, but we also have experience with welding according to the ASME IX, AWS D 1.1 and NORSOK M101 standards.

Manual welding

  • Non-consumable tungsten electrode in a protective atmosphere (TIG),
  • an electrode or wire coated in a protective atmosphere up to a length of 48,000 mm (E, MIG, MAG)

Automatic machine welding

  • under flux up to a maximum length of 25,000 mm
  • longitudinal welds under flux to a maximum width of 2,000 mm, height of 3,500 mm and length of up to 40,000 mm

Welding with a robot

  • by MIG/MAG method - sub-assemblies weighing 4,000 kg

Automated welding in a protected atmosphere

  • maximum length 13,000 mm, height 1,900 mm and width 966 mm