The management of UNEX a.s. is aware of the continuously increasing demands for ensuring deliveries in the required quality, by the required deadlines, in the required quantity and at competitive prices, while at the same time reducing negative impacts on the environment and the health of employees.

With the aim of satisfying these requirements, the management of UNEX a.s. announced Quality, environmental, health & safety policy and energy policy, which is implemented based on the following principles:


  • Build long-term and mutually beneficial partner relations with the customers.
  • Prevent risks by consistent review of the requirements.
  • Supply the ordered quantity in ordered quality within the agreed deadline under mutually beneficial price terms.


  • Build long-term and mutually beneficial partner relations with the suppliers.
  • Perform transparent tenders.
  • Increase own reliability by continuous objective pressure on the price, quality, deadlines and service.
  • Increase the quality and stability of deliveries through the development of suppliers.
  • Support the purchase of energy-saving products and services.


  • Support the development of employees through education.
  • Increase the satisfaction of employees through objectively set motivation.
  • Prevent injuries and damage to the health of employees through effective prevention of health.

Working conditions and the environment, energy

  • Create working conditions that do not endanger occupational safety and health.
  • Economically use all types of energy, reduce energy intensity.
  • Reduce the risks of water, air and soil pollution by adoption of preventive measures.
  • Reduce the volume of generated waste and minimize environmental impact by consistent grading.


  • Analyse the risks and potential consequences and adopt measures for their elimination.
  • Increase labour productivity and product quality by implementation of new technologies.
  • Reduction of the portion of human labour on risk processes by using robots and automated systems.
  • Increase the energy efficiency of technologies and equipment.

The company's management pledges to comply with legislation and other regulations in relation to activities that could affect the environment and occupational safety.

The management expects active participation from all employees in permanent improvement of work productivity, constant improvement of occupational safety activities and improvement of the work environment.